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Do you want to improve your website design and development skills? Well, you are in the right place. Several online resources can help you get there. But we can help you understand the basics of web development and improve your website design skills.

This blog explains the basics of website development. We discuss how to use a code editor, the difference between back-end and front-end, and how websites function. We also expound on other issues such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. When you read our blog, you’ll know which tools you need to build a website, how package managers work, and which version control is better for your website.

We also explore the latest in web development. Our blogs regularly cover new front-end capabilities, including JavaScript frameworks, responsive design, and SAS.

Web Design for Mobile Platforms.

Web designs are not limited to browser and computer monitors. The design of websites includes the other platforms too like cellphones, tablets, etc… A good web designer makes their design responsive in all kinds of platforms. Meaning, upon going to the website, the design will not break whatever device you are in.

What We Do

Effective website design requires the best tools, such as a code editor. Our blogs will discuss each code editor and show you how you can customize extensions and themes. We also have helpful infographics that will teach you how to become a better developer. For instance, we will be reviewing the Atom and VS, code editors.

We will explain how HTML works and why it is the main building block of every website. You will understand how HTML loads text onto a browser for easy viewing. HTML allows you to create images, bulleted lists, paragraphs, and titles. You will also understand why HTML tags have various styles and how they affect text presentation structure.

We can also teach you how cascading style sheets affect HTML content presentation. This will enable you to create titles, colors, a better layout, and custom fonts. Moreover, you will learn how shapes and animations are created with CSS.

Many people don’t appreciate the invaluable role that CSS plays in web design and development. Our articles will show you how to assess and convert a regular website design into a spark website. If you want to become a specialist in front-end design, this is your chance.

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