Different Web Design Platforms

Web development is fun and easy. Over the years, web design technology has improved. You don’t need to learn how to code or master cryptic words such as FTP and HTML to develop a website. With multiple website creators or builders on the market, you only have to choose the right platform.

Many web design platforms offer free plans for website development. What’s more, the builders are usually hosted in the cloud, meaning you don’t need web space to create a website.

A computer and a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are the things you need. Here’re a few web design platforms you can find online:

  • Webnode – this is a modern editor with stylish and responsive themes. You can upgrade to a paid plan and work intuitively, but can’t select a different theme after an initial selection. The free plan only creates basic sites and lacks an ecommerce option. You can also use an existing domain name.
  • Wix – this builder has many unique features and amazing templates, explaining why it has the highest number of users. Tests reveal that Wix is the best builder for a paid site. You need the combo plan to use your own domain name. However, it has a sticky ad that’s more pronounced on desktop computers.
  • Weebly – this builder ranks high among a list of the largest site developers. It offers great usability, has an App Center with extra features and paid plans begin from as low as $6 every month. However, it has a visible ad on the site’s footer under the free plan.
  • Ucraft – this web creator platform allows users to connect existing domains for free. Paid plans offer lots of pro features such as multiple languages. You can also access SSL for free. You can fine-tune your styles using the advanced builder.
  • Webstarts – with over 4 million users, this platform is perfect for marketing. The free plan gives access to all the necessary features such as the blog and activating an online store. However, SSL encryption and mobile optimization aren’t available on the free plan.
  • Jimdo – an AI-based website editor. Plans aren’t too costly and website setup experience is smooth. It’s the fastest loading website builder and offers mobile responsive features. The simplicity of the platform makes it ideal for beginners.

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